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If you know of software which you would recommend adding to this list, or if one needs updating, please contact us.
Exploring Matter with NeutronsA multimedia encyclopaedia about neutrons and the unique properties that make them so useful to science and industry. It provides an interactive description of the experimental instruments and techniques in use, as well as of the vast array of neutron applications in the most advanced fields of physics, chemistry, biology and materials science. Aimed at students, teachers, research institutes and industry, but also anyone interested in science. Multiple entry points allow readers to explore the encyclopaedia in their own way depending on their level of knowledge and curiosity. It contains a multitude of photos, CG images, 2D and 3D animations, and videos to guide readers as they discover and gain an understanding of the exciting world of neutron science and technology. 
FullProfMainly developed for Rietveld analysis of neutron (constant wavelength, time of flight, nuclear and magnetic scattering) or X-ray powder diffraction data collected at constant or variable step in scattering angle 2theta. It can be also used as a Profile Matching (or pattern decomposition using Le Bail method) tool, without knowledge of the structure. Single crystal refinement can also be performed alone or in combination with powder data. Time of flight neutron data analysis is also available. Energy dispersive X-ray data can also be treated but only for profile matching. 
iFitA tool which uses a single object class to hold any data set, and provides an extensive number of methods to import and export data, view, manipulate, apply mathematical operators, optimize problems and fit models to the data sets. 
MantidData analysis and visualization for neutron scattering and μSR measurements. 
McStasA tool for carrying out Monte Carlo ray-tracing simulations of neutron scattering instruments with high complexity and precision. 
McXtraceA Monte Carlo simulation package for optimizing X-ray beam instrumentation and performing virtual X-ray experiments for data analysis. 
Neutrons4ScienceA set of interactive 3D animations for education in the form of multiplatform web activities and apps. 
vDiffractionA serious game about diffraction and crystals to help understand how scientists identify the symmetry characteristics of a crystal – the first, crucial step towards understanding the atomic and molecular structure of a crystalline material, i.e. what types of atoms and molecules make up crystals and how they are organised. 
VITESSA tool for simulation of neutron scattering instruments for neutron scattering at pulsed and continuous sources. 
vTAS SuiteThe Virtual Three Axis Spectrometer Suite provides graphical assistance for neutron users which can be used for teaching. 
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