Journal of Neutron Research

Supporting the neutron community

Volume 8 (1999) Issue 2

1.A Monte-Carlo Code for Neutron Efficiency Calculations for Large volume Gd-Loaded Liquid Scintillation Detectors
A. Trzciñski, B. Zwiegliñski, U. Lynen, J. Pochodzalla
Journal of Neutron Research 8 (1999) pp. 85-117
2.Design and Optimisation of a Backscattering Spectrometer using a Phase SpaceTransformation and Super Mirror Guides
O. Kirstein, M. Prager, H. Grlmm, D. Richter
Journal of Neutron Research 8 (1999) pp. 119-132
3.SLAD: A Neutron Diffractometer for the Study of Disordered Materials
A. Wannberg, A. Mellergård, P. Zetterström, R. Delaplane, M. Grönros, L.-E. Karlsson, R.L. McGreevy
Journal of Neutron Research 8 (1999) pp. 133-154
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