Journal of Neutron Research

Supporting the neutron community

Volume 5 (1997) Issue 3

1.Spectrometer for Neutron Studies of Condensed Matter with a Pulsed Magnetic Field
D. Georgiev, V.V. Nietz, T.B. Petukhova, A.P. Sirotin, G.A. Varenik, A.A. Yakovlev
Journal of Neutron Research 5 (1997) pp. 109-122
2.Multilayer Neutron Polarizing Mirrors Working Under a Low External Magnetic Field Less Than 100 Gausses
Takeshi Kawai, Toru Ebisawa, Seiji Tasaki, Yoshiaki Eguchi, Masahiro Hino, Norio Achiwa
Journal of Neutron Research 5 (1997) pp. 123-132
3.Two-Axis Neutron and X-Ray Reflectivity: How to Avoid Alignment Pitfalls and How to Correct for Them
Wim G. Bouwman, Martin E. Vigild, Eberhard Findeisen, Kristian Kjaer, Robert Feidenhans'l, Elisabeth A.L. Mol
Journal of Neutron Research 5 (1997) pp. 133-146
4.Total Cross Section Measurements with Cold Neutrons on Solid and Powder Samples and on Hydrogen Containing Compounds
K. Knopf, W. Waschkowski
Journal of Neutron Research 5 (1997) pp. 147-165
5.Numerical Analysis of Instrumental Resolution Effects on Strain Measurements by Diffraction near Surfaces and Interfaces
Torben Lorentzen
Journal of Neutron Research 5 (1997) pp. 167-180
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