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Fifth Meeting of the International Collaboration on Advanced Neutron Sources (ICANS-V), Jülich, Germany, June 22-26, 1981

We are very grateful to Forschungszentrum Jülich, Germany for permission to present these proceedings
1.The Los Alamos National Laboratory Weapons Neutron Research Facility
R. Woods
Conference proceedings pp. 1-16
2.Status of the Los Alamos Proton Storage Ring
R.K. Cooper, G. Spalek
Conference proceedings pp. 17-19
3.Present Status and Future Program of KENS
N. Watanabe, H. Sasaki, Y. Ishikawa, Y. Endoh, K. Inoue
Conference proceedings pp. 21-32
4.Status of Argonne's Intense Pulsed Neutron Source IPNS-I
J.M. Carpenter
Conference proceedings pp. 33-52
5.Improvements in the Rapid Cycling Synchrotron
C.W. Potts
Conference proceedings pp. 53-62
6.Progress report on the construction of the Spallation Neutron Source at the Rutherford & Appleton Laboratories
D.A. Gray
Conference proceedings pp. 63-71
7.Status Report on the SIN Spallation Neutron Source
W.E. Fischer
Conference proceedings pp. 73-85
8.Final Results of the German SNQ Study
H.H. Hennies
Conference proceedings pp. 87-88
9.Research Opportunities with Prototype Accelerators for an Accelerator Breeder
G.A. Bartholomew
Conference proceedings pp. 89-96
10.Neutron Scattering at an Intensity Modulated Neutron Source
R. Scherm
Conference proceedings p. 97
11.Ultra-Cold Neutrons and Spallation Neutron Sources
R. Golub, K. Böning
Conference proceedings pp. 99-112
12.The Application of Intense Beams of Positive Pions and Muons in Solid-State Physics
A. Seeger
Conference proceedings pp. 113-132
13.Neutrino Physics at the Spallation Neutron Source
B. Zeitnitz
Conference proceedings pp. 133-172
14.Models and Computational Methods in the Theoretical Treatment of Spallation Neutron Sources
T.W. Armstrong, D. Filges
Conference proceedings pp. 173-214
15.High Energy Particle Spectra from Spallation Targets
S. Cierjacks, F. Raupp, S.D. Howe, Y. Hino, M.T. Swinhoe, M.T. Rainbow, L. Buth
Conference proceedings pp. 215-240
16.Radiation Effects in Targets and Structural Components of a Spallation Neutron Source
P. Jung
Conference proceedings pp. 241-257
17.Spallation and Fission in Computational Models
G.J. Russell
Conference proceedings pp. 259-260
18.Spallation Products
N.F. Peek
Conference proceedings p. 261
19.Beam Quality
A.D. Taylor
Conference proceedings pp. 263-265
20.Radiation Effects in Targets and Structure Components
A. Carne
Conference proceedings pp. 267-269
21.Energy Deposition and Cryogenic Equipment
N. Watanabe, K. Böning
Conference proceedings pp. 271-276
22.Liquid Metal Targets
C. Tschalär
Conference proceedings pp. 277-279
23.A Comparison of High-Energy Fission Models for the HETC Transport Code - Part I: Thin Targets
T.W. Armstrong, D. Filges
Conference proceedings pp. 281-298
24.A Comparison of High-Energy Fission Models for the HETC Transport Code - Part II: Thick Targets
T.W. Armstrong, P. Cloth, D. Filges, R.D. Neef
Conference proceedings pp. 299-312
25.Differential Production Cross Sections for Charged Particles Produced by 590 MeV Proton Bombardment of Thin Metal Targets
S.D. Howe, S. Cierjacks, Y. Hino, F. Raupp, M.T. Rainbow, M.T. Swinhoe, L. Buth
Conference proceedings pp. 313-331
26.Neutron Production Yields and Spectra from 590 MeV Proton Bombardment of Thick Uranium Targets
F. Raupp, S. Cierjacks, Y. Hino, S.D. Howe, M.T. Rainbow, M.T. Swinhoe, L. Buth
Conference proceedings pp. 333-342
27.Gamma-Ray Spectrometric Product Identification and Halflife Analysis from Proton Induced Spallation and Fission Reactions of Lead and Uranium
W. Amian, N.F. Peek, D.J. Shadoan
Conference proceedings pp. 343-354
28.Gamma-Ray measurements of isotopes produced by 1.1 GeV protons on lead and uranium targets
N.F. Peek, D.J. Shadoan, W. Amian
Conference proceedings pp. 355-375
29.Monte Carlo Reflector Studies for a Pulsed Neutron Source
A.D. Taylor
Conference proceedings pp. 377-388
30.Preliminary Neutronics of a Reflected "T"-Shape Premoderator/Moderator for the Weapons Neutron Research Facility
G.J. Russell, M.M. Meier, H. Robinson
Conference proceedings pp. 389-416
31.Relative Intensities and Time Structure of Thermal Neutron Leakage from Various Moderator-Decoupler Systems for a Spallation Neutron Source
G.S. Bauer, J.P. Delahaye, H. Spitzer, A.D. Taylor, K. Werner
Conference proceedings pp. 417-444
32.Thermal Neutron Leakage and Time Structure Measured for Various Target-Moderator-Reflector Configurations for a Spallation Neutron Source
G.S. Bauer, W.E. Fischer, F. Gompf, M. Küchle, W. Reichardt, H. Spitzer
Conference proceedings pp. 445-474
33.Measurement of Time Structure and Thermal Neutron Spectra for Various Target-Moderator-Reflector Configurations of an Intensity-Modulated Spallation Neutron Source
G.S. Bauer, H.M. Conrad, H. Spitzer, K. Friedrich, G. Milleret
Conference proceedings pp. 475-488
34.Measurement of the High Energy Component of the Neutron Spectrum from a Moderated Source
Y. Hino, S. Cierjacks, S.D. Howe, M.T. Rainbow, F. Raupp, M.T. Swinhoe, L. Buth
Conference proceedings pp. 489-495
35.An Effective Inbeam Screening of Background by Choppers at a Pulsed Spallation Neutron Source
N. Nücker
Conference proceedings pp. 497-502
36.Measurements of Neutron Fluxes at Spallation Source Models and Bare Targets
V. Drüke, N. Paul, W. Litzow
Conference proceedings pp. 503-517
37.Some Neutronic Aspects of Solid Methane Moderator System
K. Inoue, Y. Kiyanagi, H. Iwasa, K. Jinguji, N. Watanabe, S. Ikeda, Y. Ishikawa
Conference proceedings pp. 519-523
38.A Study on UCN Source for a Spallation Facility
M. Utsuro, K. Okumura, Y. Kawabata
Conference proceedings pp. 525-537
39.Feasibility Study of Low-Temperature Irradiation Facility at the German Spallation Neutron Source SNQ
K. Böning, R. Golub
Conference proceedings pp. 539-548
40.The Liquid Metal Target for the German Neutron Source (SNQ) - Status of the Theoretical and Experimental Investigations of the Target Thermo- and Fluid-dynamics
H. Hoffmann, M. Piesche, E. Wild, K. Marten, E. Baumgartner
Conference proceedings pp. 549-573
41.Vertical, Convective Spallation Target at SIN
C. Tschalär
Conference proceedings pp. 575-589
42.Some Remarks Concerning the Use of a Rotating W-Target in a High Power Spallation Neutron Source
G.S. Bauer, W. Lohmann, F. Stelzer
Conference proceedings pp. 591-610
43.Remarks Concerning the Efficiency of a Booster Neutron Source 611
W. Kley
Conference proceedings pp. 611-619
44.Fertile-to-Fissile and Fission Measurements for Depleted Uranium Bombared by 800-MeV Protons
G.J. Russell, J.S. Gilmore, H. Robinson, R.E. Prael
Conference proceedings pp. 621-639
45.Spallation in a Nuclear Energy System
M. Heindler
Conference proceedings pp. 641-664
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