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Fourteenth Meeting of the International Collaboration on Advanced Neutron Sources (ICANS-XIV)
Starved Rock Lodge, Utica, Illinois, USA, June 14-19, 1998

We are very grateful to Argonne National Laboratory, managed and operated by UChicago, Argonne, LLC, for the U.S. Department of Energy under Contract No. DE-AC02-06CH11357, for permission to present these proceedings
1. Status of IPNS
B.S. Brown, J. Carpenter, R.K. Crawford, G. McMichael, W. Ruzicka
Conference proceedings p. 3
2. SINQ as of 1998 (Status Report)
G.S. Bauer
Conference proceedings p. 10
3. News from Moscow Meson Factory
S.F. Sidorkin
Conference proceedings p. 19
4. Status of Neutron Scattering Facility in JAERI Neutron Science Project
Y. Oyama, R. Hino, N. Watanabe, M. Mizumoto, T. Mukaiyama
Conference proceedings p. 22
5. A Progress Report on the Spallation Neutron Source
B.R. Appleton
Conference proceedings p. 32
6. The IBR-2 Fast Pulsed Reactor: Present and Future
V.L. Aksenov, V.D. Ananiev, A.V. Belushkin, A.V. Vinogradov
Conference proceedings p. 41
7. Status Report of KENS
H. Ikeda
Conference proceedings p. 46
8. Progress at ISIS
A.D. Taylor, W.G. Williams
Conference proceedings p. 51
9. Current Status of JHF N-arena Development
M. Furusaka, H. Ikeda
Conference proceedings p. 56
10. BNL Activities in Advanced Neutron Source Development: Past and Present
J.B. Hastings, H. Ludewig, P. Montanez, M. Todosow, G.C. Smith, J.Z. Larese
Conference proceedings p. 57
11. AUSTRON Progress Report
E. Jericha, H. Rauch, M. Regler, H. Weber
Conference proceedings p. 61
12. Front End and Linac Developments for the Spallation Neutron Source
J.R. Alonso
Conference proceedings p. 71
13. Ring Developments Relevant to Short-Pulse Spallation Neutron Sources
R.J. Macek
Conference proceedings p. 84
14. Report on the International Workshop on Cold Moderators for Pulsed Neutron Sources
J.M. Carpenter
Conference proceedings p. 98
15. The ACoM Collaboration: An International Effort to Develop Advanced Cold Moderators
G.S. Bauer
Conference proceedings p. 101
16. Backscattering Spectroscopy with 2 peV Resolution at Pulsed Spallation Sources
F. Mezei, G. Zsigmond
Conference proceedings p. 113
17. Experimental Test of Constant q Single Crystal Spectroscopy on a Time-of-Flight Spectrometer
S. Schorr, F. Mezei
Conference proceedings p. 119
18. Experimental Studies on Cold Neutron Beam Focusing by Magnetic Field
Y. Kiyanagi, Y. Suda, H. Nakagawa, T. Kamiyama, Y. Ogawa, H. Iwasa, H.M. Shimizu, H. Kato, T. Oku, T. Wakabayashi
Conference proceedings p. 125
19. Enhancement of Reflectivity of Short D-Spacing Multilayer Mirrors by Ion Polishing in Combination with Ion Beam Sputtering Deposition
K. Soyama, W. Ishiyama, K. Murakami
Conference proceedings p. 132
20. General Time-Focusing of the Pulsed Source Crystal Analyzer Spectrometer
J.M. Carpenter
Conference proceedings p. 144
21. Extending the Domain of Time-of-Flight Powder Diffraction Techniques
P.G. Radaelli
Conference proceedings p. 159
22. Polarisation Modulated Crosscorrelation Neutron Spectroscopy Using 3He Polarising Filters on a Pulsed Source
W.G. Williams
Conference proceedings p. 169
23. New Horizons with Position Sensitive 3He Detectors
C.D. Frost, R.S. Eccleston, J. Norris, N.J. Rhodes, D.J. White
Conference proceedings p. 184
24. Remote Data Collection and Analysis
T.G. Worlton
Conference proceedings p. 195
25. Report on the Workshop on Monte Carlo Simulation of Neutron Scattering Instruments
R.K. Crawford
Conference proceedings p. 201
26. The Neutron Instrument Monte Carlo Library MCLIB: Recent Developments
P.A. Seeger, L.L. Daemen, R.P. Hjelm, Jr., T.G. Thelliez
Conference proceedings p. 202
27. Neutron Scattering Instruments for the Spallation Neutron Source (SNS)
R.K. Crawford, K.W. Herwig, T. Fornek
Conference proceedings p. 221
28. Heat Deposition in Mercury by 24 GeV Protons
G.S. Bauer, H. Spitzer, G. von Holzen, L. Ni, J. Hastings
Conference proceedings p. 229
29. Measurement of Pressure Wave in Mercury Target
M. Futakawa, K. Kikuchi, H. Conrad, H. Stechemesser
Conference proceedings p. 244
30. Spallation Target Development at JAERI
R. Hino, M. Kaminaga, T. Aso, H. Kogawa, S. Ishikura, A. Susuki, A. Terada, H. Kinoshita, K. Haga
Conference proceedings p. 252
31. Thermal and Hydraulic Design of Mercury Target - Cross Flow Type
M. Kaminaga, R. Hino, A. Susuki, M. Sakashita, F. Nakamura, H. Tagawa
Conference proceedings p. 269
32. Preliminary Design of Mercury Target - Return Flow Type
R. Hino, M. Kaminaga, S. Ishikura, I. Yanagisawa, M. Uzawa, K. Kurosawa, K. Ikeda, S. Uchida
Conference proceedings p. 278
33. Analyses on Pressure Wave Propagation and Dynamic Stress in Mercury Targets
S. Ishikura, M. Kaminaga, A. Susuki, R. Hino, I. Harada, K. Kamba, M. Sakashita
Conference proceedings p. 288
34. Opportunities for Irradiation Studies of Structural Materials for Neutron Sources at the Proton Beam-Stop of Moscow Meson Factory
S.F. Sidorkin, G.S. Bauer, Y. Dai, M.I. Grachev, L.V. Kravchuk, Y.I. Orlov
Conference proceedings p. 301
35. Flow Study of JHF N-arena Liquid Target
J. Sakakibara, T. Ino, Y. Takeda
Conference proceedings p. 320
36. Flow Measurement in a SINQ Mockup Target Using Mercury
Y. Takeda, H. Kikura, G. Bauer
Conference proceedings p. 321
37. Flow Study on the ESS Target Water Model
K. Haga, Y. Takeda, G. Bauer, B. Guttek
Conference proceedings p. 329
38. Engineering Design of the Lujan Center Target
N.K. Bultman
Conference proceedings p. 345
39. Target Materials Developmentfor SINQ and Out of Beam Testing
A. Malik, G.S. Bauer, G. Heidenreich
Conference proceedings p. 361
40. Lessons Learned From the First 500 mAh of Beam on SINQ
H. Heyck, B. Amrein, G.S. Bauer, K. Geissmann
Conference proceedings p. 374
41. Measurements of Heat Transfer at the Beam Window in a Mockup Target for SINQ Using Mercury
I. Platnieks, G.S. Bauer, O. Lielausis, Y. Takeda
Conference proceedings p. 382
42. Heat Transfer and Thermomechanic Analyses on the Test Rods in the SINQ-Target Mark 2 for SINQ Using Mercury
L. Ni, G.S. Bauer
Conference proceedings p. 396
43. Thermal Hydraulic Design Concept of the N-Arena Solid Target System
K. Mishima, Y. Saito, T. Hibiki
Conference proceedings p. 411
44. Discussion on the Thickness Optimization of the Water Cooled Solid Target for N-arena
N. Takenaka, Y. Hayashida, R. Yasumura, T. Fujii, N. Hata, Y. Ogawa, Y. Kiyanagi
Conference proceedings p. 424
45. Radiation Physics Experiments to Develop the Target-Moderator-Reflector System for ESS (European Spallation Neutron Source)
R.-D. Neef
Conference proceedings p. 441
46. Measurement and Analysis of Reaction Rate Distributions in a Lead Assembly Containing Tungsten Target with 500 MeV Proton Bombardment
H. Takada, S. Meigo, T. Sasa, K. Tsujimoto
Conference proceedings p. 448
47. Measurement of Incident Proton Beam Characteristics for AGS Spallation Target Experiment
H. Nakashima, H. Takada, S. Meigo, Y. Kasugai, Y. Ikeda, Y. Oyama, N. Watanabe
Conference proceedings p. 457
48. Measurements of Reaction Rate Distributions on a Mercury Target Bombarded with High Energy Protons
H. Takada, Y. Kasugai, H. Nakashima, Y. Ikeda, Y. Oyama, N. Watanabe, M. Arai, Y. Kiyanagi
Conference proceedings p. 468
49. Proton Energy Dependence of Reflector Effect on a Beam Intensity from a Decoupled Water Moderator
R. Takagi, Y. Kiyanagi
Conference proceedings p. 478
50. A Ring Moderator Concept for a Long-Pulse Source
E.J. Pitcher, G.J. Russell, P.D. Ferguson
Conference proceedings p. 489
51. On Radiation Effects in Water Ice at Low Temperatures
E.P. Shabalin
Conference proceedings p. 497
52. Cryogenic Moderator Simulations: Confronting Reality
E.B. Iverson, J.M. Carpenter
Conference proceedings p. 507
53. Use of a Cold Beryllium Reflector-Filter to Enhance Cold Source Brightness at Long Wavelengths
E.J. Pitcher, G.J. Russell, P.D. Ferguson
Conference proceedings p. 524
54. Thermal Neutron Scattering Kernels for Moderator Materials: Comparison of NJoy Results from a Synthetic Model and Its Standard Library
M.M. Sbaffoni, V.H. Gillette, M.E. Pepe, J.R. Granada
Conference proceedings p. 533
55. Development of a Cold Methane Pellet Moderator for ESS
H. Barnert-Wiemer, K. Dijring, H. Stechemesser
Conference proceedings p. 557
56. Comparison of Decoupled Cryogenic Moderators for High Resolution Experiments
Y. Ogawa, M. Konno, H. Iwasa, T. Kamiyama, Y. Kiyanagi, M. Furusaka, N. Watanabe
Conference proceedings p. 569
57. HET II: A Proposed Upgrade for HET the High Energy Chopper Spectrometer at ISIS
R.S. Eccleston, S. Foster, R.I. Bewley
Conference proceedings p. 581
58. The Backscattering Spectrometer HERMES: Design Issues
J.Z. Larese, L.L. Daemen, P.A. Seeger, J. Eckert, T.O. Brun
Conference proceedings p. 586
59. HELIOS: A High Intensity Chopper Spectrometer at LANSCE
T.E. Mason, C. Broholm, B. Fult, R. Osborn, R.A. Robinson, G. Aeppli, H.A. Mook, S.E. Nagler, B. Keimer, S. Kern
Conference proceedings p. 598
60. A Design for a High Resolution Very-Low-Q Time-of-Flight Diffractometer
R.P. Hjelm, P.A. Seeger, P. Thiyagarajan, L. Assoufid, L.R. Bertolini, B.J. Heuser
Conference proceedings p. 628
61. Optimisation of PRISMA at ISIS for Cold Neutron Single Crystal Spectroscopy
M. Bull, M. Harris, M. Hagen, U. Steigenberger, C. Petrillo, F. Sacchetti, K. McEwen
Conference proceedings p. 642
62. Recent Developments of Neutron Diffraction Instruments at the IBR-2 Pulsed Reactor
A.M. Balagurov
Conference proceedings p. 650
63. Design and Placement Considerations for Propeller-Type T-Zero Choppers
R.A. Robinson
Conference proceedings p. 657
64. Comparisons of MCNP Thermal Scattering Kernels in a Calculation of the Spectrum from the RAL Liquid Hydrogen Moderator
D.J. Picton, T.D. Beynon, T.A. Broome
Conference proceedings p. 669
65. Progress Report: SNS Neutronics Studies
L.A. Charlton, J.M. Barnes, J.O. Johnson, T.A. Gabriel
Conference proceedings p. 678
66. A Modular Approach to the Design of Cold Moderators
A.T. Lucas
Conference proceedings p. 687
67. Target Options for SINQ-A Neutronic Assessment
G.S. Bauer, A. Dementyev, E. Lehmann
Conference proceedings p. 703
68. Neutronic Aspects of the SINQ Mark 2 Target with Irradiation Test Samples
A. Dementyev, G.S. Bauer, Y. Dai, E. Lehmann
Conference proceedings p. 717
69. A Conceptual Design Study of Target-Moderator-Reflector System for JAERI 5 MW Spallation Source
N. Watanabe, M. Teshigawara, H. Takada, H. Nakashima, Y. Oyama, T. Nagao, T. Kai, Y. Ikeda, K. Kosako
Conference proceedings p. 728
70. Towards a High-Efficiency Pulsed Cold Neutron Source
N. Watanabe, M. Teshigawara, H. Takada, H. Nakashima, Y. Oyama, T. Kai, T. Nagao, K. Kosako
Conference proceedings p. 743
71. Neutron Production Enhancements for the Intense Pulsed Neutron Source
E.B. Iverson, J.M. Carpenter, T.L. Scott, M.E. Miller, L.D. Peters, M.W. Schlueter
Conference proceedings p. 751
72. The Iris 4.2 K Cold Graphite Analyser Design
M. Adams, J. Balchin, T. Broome, C. Carlile, D. Cragg, J. Tomkinson, C. Uden
Conference proceedings p. 761
73. Membrane Windows with Get-Lost Tubes for Use at Small Scattering Angles in Neutron Spectrometers
H. Belch, R. Kleb, J.M. Carpenter, R.K. Crawford
Conference proceedings p. 764
74. Development and Modernization of the System for the Diagnostics of the State of the Pulsed Neutron Source IBR-2
Yu.N. Pepyolyshev, A.V. Belushkin, A.V. Vinogradov
Conference proceedings p. 768
75. Sample Environments at the Intense Pulsed Neutron Source (IPNS)
D.E. Bohringer, K.J. Volin
Conference proceedings p. 773
76. A "Hot Stage" Displex ® 20 - 800 K in a Neutron Scattering Environment
K.J. Volin, D.E. Bohringer
Conference proceedings p. 783
77. The New Drive System for ISIS Disc Choppers
Z.A. Bowden, M. Fischer, P. Chorley, B. Halls
Conference proceedings p. 791
78. A New Scintillator for Neutron Scattering Instruments
J.B. Czirr
Conference proceedings p. 792
79. Structural and Hydraulic Study on Cold Source Moderator
T. Aso, S. Ishikura, A. Terada, T. Kai, M. Teshigawara, M. Kaminaga, R. Hino, N. Watanabe
Conference proceedings p. 804
80. Incident Spectrum Determination for Time-of-Flight Powder Neutron Diffraction Data Analysis
J. Hodges, J. Jorgensen, S. Short, D. Argyriou, J.W. Richardson, Jr.
Conference proceedings p. 813
81. Behavior of 7Be in the Moderator Cooling System at the Pulsed Neutron Source, KENS
S. Itoh, T. Miura, M. Furusaka, S. Yasui, Y. Ogawa, Y. Kiyanagi, S. Sasaki, K. Iijima
Conference proceedings p. 823
82. The High-Resolution Medium-Energy Chopper Spectrometer (HRMECS): Instrumentation Upgrade and Future Scientific Opportunities
C.-K. Loong, J.P. Hammonds, D. Yocum, J.C. Nipko, K. Takeuchi, D. Chen, L.I. Donley, G.E. Ostrowski, R.K. Crawford, H. Belch, R. Kleb
Conference proceedings p. 829
83. Material Developmentfor Spallation Target at JAERI
K. Kikuchi, H. Kogawa, M. Futakawa, I. Ioka, R. Hino
Conference proceedings p. 830
84. Preliminary Design Studies for an Iridium Rod Target at the BNL-AGS
H. Ludewig, J. Hastings, P. Montanez, M. Todosow
Conference proceedings p. 836
85. A Foil-less Charge Exchange Injection (LUCE) for the Intense Proton Storage Ring
Y. Suzuki
Conference proceedings p. 847
86. Adjustable Collimation for the General Materials Diffractometer (GEM)
L.C. Perrott, S.A. Temple, G. Thomas
Conference proceedings p. 852
87. A New Polarized Neutron Reflectometer at KENS
M. Takeda, N. Toyoshima, Y. Endoh
Conference proceedings p. 855
88. Pedormance of the Small-Angle Diffractometer SAND at IPNS
P. Thiyagarajan, V. Urban, K. Littrell, C. Ku, D.G. Wozniak, H. Belch, R. Vitt, J. Toeller, D. Leach, J.R. Haumann, G.E. Ostrowski, L.I. Donley, J. Hammonds, J.M. Carpenter, R.K. Crawford
Conference proceedings p. 864
89. Working Group on Monte Carlo Simulation of Neutron Scattering Instruments
R.K. Crawford
Conference proceedings p. 881
90. Report on the Workshop Group Meeting on: Next Generation Powder Diflractometers
P.G. Radaelli
Conference proceedings p. 884
91. Report of the Workshop on Small-Angle and Rejlectometry Instruments on Future Spallation Sources
P.A. Seeger
Conference proceedings p. 887
92. Working Group Report: Critical Heat Flux: Limitation to Solid Target?
Y. Takeda
Conference proceedings p. 889
93. Summary of the Objective Discussion of Solid and Liquid Targets for High-Power Sources
N. Watanabe, P. Ferguson
Conference proceedings p. 890
94. Summary Report for the Working Group "Needs for Target Systems and Instrument Materials, Beamline Components, Detectors, and Beamline Technology"
M. Furusaka
Conference proceedings p. 891
95. Working Group: Spectroscopy in Future Neutron Sources
C.-K. Loong
Conference proceedings p. 894
96. Moderator Peflormance Enhancement and Development Activities: Progress and Needs
G. Russell, E. Pitcher
Conference proceedings p. 895
97. Equipment and Software for Research with Neutrons
H. Betzold
Conference proceedings p. 907
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